barabasilab - "Enemergencies"
200 cm x 200 cm handmade embroidery based on a research by barabasilab from 2008

the data was collected by mobile-communication companies, the original visualization was made by the designers of barabasilab

every shape represent a person who made or recive a call next by an emergency situation, usually a bomb explosion

embroidered QR code from my behance portfolio link. 
The code is actually working if you scan the embroidery with your phone's camera

Technique experiment based on an other barabasilab visualization, called Heat.

the second 200 cm x 200 cm embroidered piece for barabasilab is work in progress

A sneak-peak to my latest work, it is a traditional cross stitch embroidery technique and the pattern is a hungarian contemporary poem's binary code (Márton Simon - Terms and conditions)

Spago Budapest - "Californian Garden"
hand-drawn blackboards in the back of the restaurant's kitchen area.
(official photos: Matild Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Budapest)

Spago Budapest - the founder, Wolfgang Puck in the right
(photo: Dávid Ajkai)

Szindbád - Matild Palace Luxury Collecion Hotel, Budapest
Ten illustrations based on Gyula Krúdy's novel series, the Szindbád stories
(official photos: Matild Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Budapest)

you have to wear one of your masks - ebroidery on acrillic painting
(50cm x 50 cm)

what a griff can bear? - embroidery and mixed technique on acrillic paintig, experimenting with traditional  patterns but a in contemporary order and placement (100 cm wide)

the motifs on the wings are tracitional Transilvanian flowers, called Kalotaszegi.

"backstories" - exhibition concept 

The world we live in - series concept, first part
(120 cm x 100 cm)

stitched stories - my eternal love project.
Vintage photos with new meanings by embroidered parts, and I write little stories for them as well. 
You can check these in my instagram or behance profile a little belowe 

I'm always open for good ideas,
follow my work and feel free to write me!

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